Grace Church of Kaua`i

Our History...

On January 2, 2007, a member of the Oceanside United Reformed Church who had just moved to Hawaii e-mailed Rev. Danny Hyde about the possibility of starting a Reformed church on the island of Kauai. In fact, through this initial contact, if was revealed that there were several others with the same desire—even a local family that had been seeking a Reformed church for over a decade. 

The Council of the Oceanside URC sent Rev. Hyde to the island of Kauai to make a pastoral visit from February 6-8.  After returning, the church decided, with the help of Grace United Reformed Church (Torrance, CA), to do an initial inquiry of the feasibility of planting a church on Kauai.  Rev. Bero of Grace URC also travelled to Kauai and met with the interested families and individuals.  On April 10th, the Councils of these two California churches decided to officially proceed toward planting a church on Kauai.  Public worship began on September 2, 2007 as ministers, candidates for the ministry, and licentiates travelled to the island to minister to the congregation every week.

After extensive searching, inquiries, and interviews the consistory and congregation of Oceanside URC voted unanimously in March 2009 to call the Rev. Derrick Vander Meulen, then senior pastor of Bethel United Reformed Church in Jenison, Michigan, to be the church planter in Kauai.  Pastor Vander Meulen, his wife Debbie and four of their six children moved from Michigan and arrived on Kauai on July 2, 2009.   On July 5 he preached his inaugural sermon. 
In January of 2012, Kauai United Reformed Church came under the sole oversite of Grace URC, (Torrance, CA).

We believe Christ has blessed us with this providential opportunity to have a reformed church on Kauai.  Kauai is the most remote and pristine of the Hawaiian islands (pop. 62,500) on which there are many non-denominational, mainline, and Roman Catholic churches, but nothing remotely Reformed.  Our small congregation is singing Psalms, learning the doxology in Hawaiian, hearing Biblical preaching and teaching, and desires to bring the gospel to unbelievers.

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